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The journey of the village on the balloon

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Alessandro Pantani
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Once upon a time there was a little village, far away, where everyone was joyful and happy, and loved and helped each other. But one day the peace was broken by the coming of two giants, so arrogant that all the people decided to move to another land. And yet it was so difficult for them to leave their own home that they were stricken by a brilliant idea: to transfer the whole village inside a gigantic baloon. And so it came that, taking advantage of a temporary weakness of the giants, they took everything and left, flying such a long way off that nobody ever got to find them. It would be wonderful, every time a problem occurs, to leave and run away from all the preoccupations! Unfortunately this isn't always possible, but in our dreams and in our imagination there are no limits, and these drawings have the power to make us dream, just for a moment. The work of Alessandro Pantani on the baloons seems to be born from the exclusive purpose to build a corner of the world where everyone would like to live and where an idyllic atmosfear takes us back to distant, romantic dreams. These prints are ideal to furnish your house and are suitable for all ages: they can be hung in the rooms of the kids or everywhere else in your house: in the living room, in the study, in the garret... They will even be a perfect idea for a gift. The print is realized with the photolithography technique on Tintoretto thin cardboard, with white border; the total size is cm 33x48; the size of the picture is cm 30x22.

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