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The journey of Igino on the balloon

Alessandro Pantani
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Mr. Igino, fed of spending his life alone in the office among such junk decided to go on a journey on his balloon.The Balloon was a gift of a distant oncle  from  New-Zeland and had been for years in his garage.Igino had never had the courage to get into but now he really needed to run away from the emboring City life and  to  explore new countries.  He put on his nice red  coat and his barrell , He took with him his binocs and get into  his marvellos Balloon.....what a great one coloured in blue, red and jellow!

While  the balloon goes up Igino feels more and more happy and light -minded, he sees the gray , ugly houses under him going away....It is so nice to forget eveything and to be flown above gentle  hills,  green  fields,  roofs  and belfrys to enter then in a different world (or maybe to see the world with  new eyes ) When the night comes  Igino has  to go back home but after this journey everything seems to be a bit different maybe nicer  or more interesting.

Those works by Alessandro Pantani  may  bring about  very special emotions and give  free rein one's immagination.

The original painting is an acrilic, the prints is a fotholithografy on Tintoretto paper. Wherever you put this print will bring calm and brightness,  It will be appreciated by childs and adulte, ( and maybe adults young at heart) they will bring in yours childs rooms Joy and warmth

.ThThe print is realized with the photolithography technique on Tintoretto thin cardboard, with e total size is cm 33x48; the size of the picture is cm 18x30

All images of the paintings by Alessandro Pantani are with copyright


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