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The dream of Carlino

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Alessandro Pantani
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Once upon a time,
a child called Carlino lived with his parents and grandparents in a huge building in a big town. He spent his afternoons looking outside the window of his bedroom and watched the sky above him, often grey; the traffic in the street; the shuffling of the people walking by… There were many people leaving in his building, but they did not actually know each other, they never stopped to have a chat, they never smiled.  Carlino often daydreamt, he dreamt a world apart, with blue sky and white clouds of whipped cream, with happy and cheerful people, a world with towns tailored around children, without cars and noise, and he really hoped he and his family could leave in such a beautiful world one day. One night, while he was lying on his small bed, Carlino saw a light behind the blinds of his window and he thought he could hear some clamour, laughter, and someone who was calling him with a gentle voice: Carlino!  Carlino! The child jumped out of his bed and opened the window on a wonderful scenery: the sky was blue and hundreds of coloured balloons were flying, as light as soap bubbles.  In every balloon he could see happy, cheerful people who were singing and dancing… and in the distance he saw a small town on a cloud as soft as whipped cream. It was the town he had always dreamed of! And that voice was still calling him : Carlino! Carlino! We are here to take you there, as you wanted! And Carlino, with all his family, went on board and left for a better world. 
The printings with balloons by Alessandro Pantani make us dream: this paintings take us back to our childhood, to our dreams.
This printings, with fine drawings and vivid colours can be an original decoration for the bedrooms of your children, as well as for any other room of your house. 
Copy of an acrylic by Alessandro Pantani 
The printings are made with the tecnique of photolythography on cardboard “Tintoretto”, with white border (total size  33x48)
Image size: cm 29x29
The images with balloons by Alessandro Pantani are protected by copyright


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