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The balloon of the Blues

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Alessandro Pantani
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The Blues live in a blue house, with a blue furniture, they eat blue food, they wear blue clothes and they own a blue balloon, which they use every night to fly through the blue sky.

The balloon is a recurrent subject in the work of Alessandro Pantani and he often proposes it, using a mixture of techniques, including acrylic, collage, gold-plating, draughtmanship and every other useful tool to show the magic and the mistery of this flying object.

The real subject of these pictures is the amazement of watching a balloon in the sky, the wonder for such a strange and unexpected spectacle and the sense of peace and concentration coming from it.

These prints can be a wonderful idea to furnish your house and make your walls more original. They can be placed in a living-room, in a mansard, in a study room or in a bedroom. With these works you will be under the impression that you own a little window showing you a fantastic world.

The print is realized with the photolithography technique on Tintoretto thin cardboard, with white border. The total size is cm 33x48; the size of the picture is cm 30x24.

All images of the paintings by Alessandro Pantani are with copyright

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