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San Gimignano, spring landscape

Massimo Pantani
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Massimo Pantani was born in San Gimignano, Tuscany on 14th August 1956. He is entitled and loves to define
himself as a self-taught artist. His instinctive brush-stroke is not inspired by any sophisticated concepts.
This peculiar instinctiveness is indeed at its best when it comes to rocky landscapes. Those very landscapes
which abound in Tuscany, are translated/interpreted in all their simplicity and beauty in our artist’s works.
His strokes are incisive certainly not mawkish and are to put in result the general scene rather than details.
His style might seem unfinished because of the unworked brush-strokes and the final result may look as a sketch.
Yet, a perceptive analysis recognises the non-necessity of a more define and precise trait.
The message is clearly given to the viewer who unconsciously becomes part of such landscapes.

this print is a riproduction of a watercolour by Massimo Pantani on Tintoretto thin cardboard, the total size is cm 30x37

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