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Pinocchio, Jiminy cricket and the Candle

Massimo Pantani
€ 16,00
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Pinocchio again? We think we know everything about it, but we are always fascinated  by this character. 
Pinocchio, the world-famous wooden puppet, has fascinated generations of children and not only!  Massimo Pantani, from his panormaic window in an ancient storey-building next to the medieval Piazza Sant’Agostino, in the centre of San Gimignano, uses oil and water colours, as well as lithography, to depict Pinocchio. If you are lucky enough and you can visit his workshop, which has a charming romantic atmosphere that reminds of the nineteenth-century ateliers. His series about Pinocchio is an interesting restyling of the classic iconography of the famous puppet. He respect the tradition as a starting point to develop his new creative style. His lithographs and original watercolours show the creativity and the brilliant imagination of this artist, whose works are dreaming images who lead us into a fascinating fairy-tail world.

The print is realized with the digital technique on Tintoretto thin cardboard, with white border. The total size is cm 26x30 cm,the size of the picture is cm 13x18

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