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Pinocchio in the wood

Massimo Pantani
€ 16,00

Fire Eater gives Pinocchio five gold pieces to take it to his father, Geppetto; but instead, Pinochhio meets a Fox and a Cat and follows them.
These prints are reproductions of watercolours by Massimo Pantani, and they tell us the creativity and immagination of the artist, that repeat in a version entirely original the adventures of this sympathetic puppet.
The charafters of this story are told with kindness and refinement.
Massimo Pantani  is able to create a work of art with a very accurate and soft drawing. Yours children were amusing  themselves with all characters of this wanderfull story: Pinocchio,  The Cat and the Fox, the Fairy..... and they will dream and will relieve one of the most beautiful tale in the world.
These prints are suitable for the bedroom of yours children but you can put them also in your Living room, attic , bedroom, study.
You can also give as a present this beautiful prints for a baptism, birthday....
In short: for a right moment that you know.

The print is realized with the digital technique on Tintoretto thin cardboard, with white border. The total size is cm 26x30 cm,the size of the picture is cm 13x18



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