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Massimo Pantani - Artist

Massimo Pantani.

Massimo Pantani was born in San Gimignano, Tuscany on 14th August 1956.

He is entitled and loves to define himself as a self-taught artist.

Massimo’s artistic career starts at an early age with oil painting and later progresses to the technique of watercolours.His instinctive brush-stroke is not inspired by any sophisticated concepts.

Oil paintings

It seems that when compared to the different currents of the figurative arts, this artist lives in an unusual dimension of reality, something calling him back from a very distant past, to a world which was so dear to impressionists and that he makes it revive today in a more personal and original way.

The painter Massimo Pantani uses moderately thick brushstrokes, but at the same time is full of secret brightness, with a precise drawing line,and surprisingly effective; his work does not seem to come out from intense reflections but from the extreme pleasure of creating a part in this world where everyone would like to live and where in an idyllic feeling, all distant romantic dreams.

His strokes are incisive certainly not mawkish and are to put in result the general scene rather than details. His style might seem unfinished because of the unworked brush-strokes and the final result may look as a sketch. Yet, a perceptive analysis recognises the non-necessity of a more define and precise trait.

The message is clearly given to the viewer who unconsciously becomes part of such landscapes.

This peculiar instinctiveness is indeed at its best when it comes to rocky landscapes. Those very landscapes which abound in Tuscany, are translated/interpreted in all their simplicity and beauty in our artist’s works.

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The watercolours and illustrations of Pinocchio

In addition to the theme of Tuscany, also represented in an enormous variety of views, another recurring theme in his watercolours is Pinocchio.

Thanks to his precise, delicate yet surprisingly effective drawings, Massimo provides an innovative reinterpretation of the famous wooden puppet’s story, which has seduced generations of both children and adults.
Observing these delightful watercolours, you can perceive the great skill, brilliance and sophistication with which the painter portrays the meaning of Collodi's fable, conveying all the love and passion he put into his work.

The original lithographs and watercolours testify to the artist’s creativity and imagination, his works resembling dream-like images that lead us through the fairy tale and can easily enchant and seduce.

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